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What kind of personal trainer knows the kitchen as well as the gym?  Answer - one who understands exercise AND healthy cooking are two major factors in living a long and healthy life.  The best efforts in a gym cannot offset the havoc caused by the standard American diet of highly processed foods.  I help you learn life-long comprehensive weight loss/maintenance approaches, not gimmicks.

Time is an issue for most people.  For many, exercise and eating properly fall by the wayside.  The diseases of civilization soon follow.  Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity, premature heart disease and cancer overtake the average American way too soon.  If you believe your health is too valuable to be “average”, you are at the right starting point.


You do not have to spend hours in the gym or the kitchen to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  I  set up customized workout routines with your goals in mind.  Whether it is achieving basic fitness, body building or sport specific skills, there is no one single best way.  The method has to fit YOU.  And if you are kitchen challenged, I’ll teach you customized healthy recipes and quick cooking strategies.


Since all personal trainers and clients part company some day, one of my objectives is to educate you to go solo.  I have developed specialized teaching methods, resources and materials so you can become the best steward of your health.  Check in to my library and you will see what sets me apart from your average personal trainer!

Contact me TODAY for a FREE,
no-obligation consultation. 

*  Receive a personalized plan
    for the gym OR the kitchen

*  Achieve maximum benefit in
    minimum time working out

*  Stop riding the weight
    gain & loss roller coaster

*  Receive evidence based

    advice on wellness issues


*  Buy essential vitamins and

    supplements at less cost

*  Live a long, healthy life 


Exercise is unquestionably one of the best defenses against premature aging. 

Too many people spend their golden years in a poor state of health.  Most researchers agree that lifestyle factors are more important than heredity when is comes to "exceptional aging."  While the research is still unfolding, there are many things you should do NOW to keep active and healthy into your 60s, 70s and beyond.

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